TPM Trailers are manufactured locally from high grade steel giving you long lasting durable trailers which come in various hammertone finishes or galvanised.


We have a large selection of trailers including car trailers, box trailers, tandem box trailers and custom trailers to suit your needs.
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TPM Trailers is a Victoria based company. By dealing directly with the manufacturer you can always be asured the best possible prices on our full range of trailers.
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Featured Trailers


6 x 4 Box Trailers (Fully Welded)


7 x 4 Box Trailer (Fully Welded)


7 x 5 Box Trailer (Fully Welded)


8 x 5 Box Trailer (Fully Welded)


8×5 Tandem Trailer


10×6 Tandem Trailer

Quality Trailers for Trades, Commercial and Domestic Usetpm1

Heavy Duty Trailers for Commercial & Domestic Use

TPM Trailers is the premier trailer manufacturer in Victoria. We have wholesale, retail and custom-made trailers for sale, ensuring that our selection is the widest available as well as the best value for money. By dealing directly with the manufacturer, you will always receive the best price possible. We encourage you to browse our range online or if you prefer, visit our conveniently located office in Campbellfield, Melbourne.

From box trailers to tandem, we have what every tradesman needs

TPM Trailers came from humble beginnings, starting as a small business manufacturing box trailers for tradesmen of all disciplines and the average homeowner. The high level of craftsmanship paired with the versatility and practicality of box trailers quickly broadened the TPM Trailer’s reputation and the company grew into a leading manufacturer of superior trailers. Our full range now includes:

Whether you’re a tradesman or simply need a trailer for domestic use, you will find what you’re looking for with us. This is thanks to our commitment to offering high quality trailers for sale as well as providing exceptional customer service. Melbourne customers can trust that we’re the best on the market.

We’re your trailer manufacturer, wholesaler & retailer

TPM is a customer-service oriented leader in the industry, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and providing warranties on all new trailers. To ensure you receive the best trailer for your needs we only use quality components to ensure value for money.

TPM Trailers is a licensed manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and Australian Design Rules. You can be confident about safety and reliability when purchasing from TPM Trailers.

For more information on the benefits of purchasing trailers from us, whether it’s direct retail or a wholesale amount, feel free to contact our friendly Melbourne team today by filling out our online enquiry form or calling us on 03 9308 8876.


That’s right! If you are looking for quality trailers for sale in Melbourne, Victoria then your search ends here. Our trailers are known to trail on for years on end, sometimes as long as a few decades. This is because they are all manufactured from high grade steel, and are hot dip galvanized, making them anti-rust, and highly durable. We are among the top galvanized trailer companies in Melbourne.

In other words, we make trailers that you can rely on. What makes us so sure? Here we go!

All the components that go into the making of a TPM trailer are locally sourced, and made from high quality steel. Moreover, we follow a stringent set of guidelines while building our trailers, and we make sure that each trailer is completely welded.  This adds more strength and durability to our trailers as compared to the bolted trailers, which are cheap but pretty unreliable. When you couple this with their rust-free properties, you’ve got the best value for trailers in Melbourne.

Our trailers are also designed with you in mind. This explains why we have a longer drawbar on all our trailers, so that it allows for easy reversing when needed. We also have reinforced drawbars, so that they can hold stuff like toolboxes, or anything else that you might need.

At TPM, we are really committed towards customer satisfaction, because this is just what has got us to where we are today. We offer a quality warranty on all our new trailers, backed with exceptional customer service. To add to the hassle-free ease of buying a TPM trailer, we also offer quick, interest free financing on our big trailers. This makes us very popular with all our customers, especially those looking for tradesman trailers for sale as this allows them to spread the cost of their investment over a comfortable time period.

We manufacture our own trailers for commercial and domestic use, in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989, as well as Australian Design Rules. Starting small, by manufacturing box trailers for sale in Melbourne, we have grown to be regarded among the premier manufacturers of trailers for sale in Victoria today, and offer a wide range of trailers – single axle, tandem, hydraulic tippers, motorbike, scissor lift trailers and more, in hammertone and galvanized finishing. So whether you are looking for wholesale or retail trailers of any type, or even want a custom made trailer as per your needs and budget, you can count on us to give you the best quality trailers at the best value not only in Campbellfield, but all of Melbourne.

And you have one more reason to choose our quality Melbourne trailers, as TPM is authorized by VicRoads to register your trailer, and release a number plate at the time of order delivery. When quality and service is coupled with convenience like this, it is a proposition that not many offer.

So if you’ve got a TPM, you’re covered for years, in more ways than one.