Electric Brake Trailers For Safer Rides

Why choose electric brake trailers?

While towing is important for your business, safety shouldn’t take a back seat. At TPM Trailers, we place huge emphasis on safety, and for this reason, we offer electric brake trailers for sale across a wide range of shapes and sizes, for a variety of different uses and applications. Electric brakes enable trailers to have a better trailer braking response during braking, resulting in a smoother, safer and more controlled ride.

We offer a wide range of electric brake trailers for sale

We also have hydraulic tipping trailers with electric brakes, which are ideal for heavy duty commercial use, like for businesses that need to transport heavy loads of goods daily. Whether you are looking for tandem trailers, excavator trailers or heavy duty cage trailers, we have a wide range of durable and galvanised trailers, fitted with electric brakes, available for sale in Melbourne.

Single & Tandem Axle Electric Brake Trailers

Our range of electric brake trailer come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with different uses depending on your individual requirements. From scissor lift options to hydraulic tipping options, they also come in single and tandem axle. Perfect for commercial use, especially businesses that regularly transport heavy loads and need the extra peace of mind that electric brakes can bring.

Electric brake trailers for sale in Melbourne

TPM Trailers are known to manufacture reliable, quality trailers that you can trust your business with. All our trailers are built with high quality components, and are completely welded for higher durability and strength. Reach out to us on 03 9308 8876 or on sales@tpmtrailers.com.au for any queries or inquiries regarding the best value electric brake trailers for sale in Melbourne.